Thomas Golf AT Hybrids (Mens Right Handed)

Mens Left Handed Golf Drivers

Mens left handed golf drivers

Srixon Z Driver - Left Hand. Right Handed Hybrids are a combination of an iron and wood, incorporating various features of each into one product to replace hard-to-hit traditional irons.

Golfers everywhere have discovered the game-improving benefits of hybrid clubs. Easier to Hit from the Fairway Unless you're a pro, today's cc drivers are nearly impossible to hit from the fairway. The flat crown eliminates the energy-absorbing flex of traditional, dome-shaped drivers. Drivers Grip and rip the best drivers at the best prices on the web.

Hybrids are a combination of an iron and wood, incorporating various features of each into one product to replace hard-to-hit traditional irons. It takes driver playability to a whole new level.

My distance is also already better than my friends who have played their whole lives. Will definitely shop there again! The larger top view with unique alignment indicator gives exceptionally more confidence than a traditional Iron. You by contrast were brilliant and you clearly knew what you were talking about. Wears very well compared to other similar balls that tend to cut up quickly and exceptional value for money.

The shaft is made from stiff flex graphite or steel, very lightweight indeed especially the graphite version and the swing feels smooth and supple. If you feel more confident hitting higher lofted fairway woods than irons. Hybrid Irons can be used on any lie where irons are used.

But, if I were to adjust the comparable prices and include a custom built to specifications, as I received with Thomas, my guess, I saved money! The larger hollow head distributes more weight to the perimeter and sole, with the sole being much wider than an Iron, making the clubs much more forgiving and solid feeling. Hybrid irons provide the playability of a fairway wood coupled with the accuracy of an iron, giving even average golfers more airtime on the difficult long approach shots. If that works out I don't think I will ever use a driver again. The curvature of the traditional driver's clubface and crown, which create visual confusion and interfere with the golfer's ability to align the club to the target.

When a golfer repeatedly aligns left or right of the intended target, windows aero drivers for windows 7 the body compensates by pushing or pulling the ball back on line. Callaway Rogue Driver - Left Hand.

The craftsmanship, beauty and luster of the irons and hybrids are second to none! They didn't have anything remotely like them and I was roundly ignored by all instore. Specialized Mid Kick-Point gets the ball airborne with higher trajectory without losing accuracy.

We always purchase something, last visit it was a new set of irons when we were only looking for a pack of tees. All staff are fantastic to deal with. The hybrid irons are worth every penny, and are perfect for beginners or anyone who wants to have better iron play.

The alignment aid on the club makes it really easy to line up for a shot. These are the smoothest, no hard swing and straight clubs I have ever hit.

When I rang they said it was on the courier, an email was sent as well stating it had been sent. Thank you for your dedication to making the game of golf playable for all of us! Golf clubs are always shipped promptly. TaylorMade Aeroburner Ladies Driver.

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Eagle Birdie Par or Bogey - We let golfers speak for us

If you seldom take a divot when hitting your middle irons. They felt foreign when I tried them in the backyard, but they grew on me fast. Distinctive gold-filled hand placement guide for consistent gripping and accurate club alignment will contribute to greater shot accuracy. It has been a long time since I felt that I couldn't wait to get out to play again.

Thomas Golf AT Hybrids (Mens Right Handed)

Have never been able to hit woods consistently but this thing I can launch no problem at all. This interesting feature i. My distance and contact are much more consistent, and the stripe on the top of the clubs has even helped with my alignment! Unmatched Accuracy Thomas Golf's patented alignment guide makes it easy to aim the clubface precisely at your target on each and every shot.

Many times, he goes through a series of futile swing changes when all he really needs is correct alignment. Hybrid Irons are also gaining great popularity as a solution for eliminating the difficult to hit long irons. Very satisfying experience. Eagle, Birdie, Par or Bogey - We let golfers speak for us.

Unless you're a pro, today's cc drivers are nearly impossible to hit from the fairway. Very easy to hit from first attempt - goes straight, high, and long. Product successfully added to your Shopping Cart.

The larger head has also contributed to a much better chipping stroke. The Senior version has a Specialized Low Kick-Point to assist the golfer in achieving a higher shot trajectory.

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Whatever golf gear you are looking for, then chances are we have it for sale in our store at a cheap price for you. Also, thank you very much for the GolfInfoGuide. The other half I credit is free golf lessons from a friend who used to play on the Nike Tour.

Shoes arrived by couries inside a day and a half and a complimentary copy of The Cut. Each shaft undergoes extensive testing including Bend Stressing and Frequency Calibration ensuring integrity and consistency from shaft to shaft. Paint-filled hand placement reference markers for consistent gripping and accurate club alignment to aid in shot accuracy.

These clubs allow you to build confidence because they are much easier to hit than traditional irons, and the trajectory is amazing. TaylorMade Aeroburner Driver. Thank you for your help and questioning my choice of shafts and clubs before purchasing.

All nice and simple - process was very quick before getting confirmations etc. That means more energy is transferred directly from your swing to the clubface and into the ball, resulting in longer drives. The club's level crown creates a wider effective hitting area for excellent forgiveness on off-center hits, so your misses finish closer to the target. The instructor is excellent.

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