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She is portrayed by Laura Leighton. After dinner, she lets Caleb know that he can stay in the guest room. Hanna thinks she should go and offers to stay with Emily in the meantime. Ashley tearfully tells her it is not a good idea. It is revealed that Ashley is upset about her husband leaving and is stressed about dealing with the situation he has left behind in Rosewood.

Saying that he can go, Ashley listens as Ted says that he just wants to finish his coffee first. Ashley asks them to step forward if they have ever felt they have been mistreated by another student or staff. When he arrives, Caleb answers the door. Ashley passes off the money as a loan.

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The ladies drink wine, discuss online dating and then Ashley gets a message from mainlinemate about a guy wanting to have coffee with her. Sitting in the kitchen on her laptop, Ashley debates whether to log into Jessica's emails or not. Ashley is distracted because of the murder charges she might be facing and accidentally burns herself on the stove.

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  • Initially, she does not trust Caleb and thinks that Hanna should stay away from him.
  • Kenneth DiLaurentis drops by the Marin house to ask Ashley if she could log into Jessica's emails to try and find out where she is.
  • Tanner arrives and arrests Ashley.
  • Last Dance Ashley informs her daughter about being banned from prom and graduation.
  1. She tells Emily that she thought Hanna might want to wear it to prom.
  2. At the Marin household, Ashley gets a call from Veronica.
  3. She tells Ashley she had begged Hanna to stop shoplifting because if she were to be caught again, she could end up in jail.
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She feels uneasy about Caleb being in the house alone with Hanna unlike the way she felt about Sean. The electricity blows, and the two spend time alone together as the storm passes. He tells her admitting to self-defense might be the smartest choice, but Ashley refuses to admit to something she did not do. Spencer gets a call from a blocked number, which she ignores. She hears her mom and dad talking outside so she hangs up with the girls, telling them not to call or try to help, and goes to listen to them.

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Ella I think she has motive, Ashley seems like the type of mom who will protect her daughter at all cost so her doing anything out of the question. At the end of the episode we see how Ashley just takes this bag, and then goes outside. By the end of the episode, Mona confesses to killing Wilden, thinking Hanna was not prepared to make the story believable, thus in a way saving Ashley. She is touched by Emily's gesture to cook breakfast for her and Hanna, but wants her to feel less like a guest and more like family.

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Along with the rest of the courtroom, Ashley watches the video of Mona being attacked on the day she died. Hanna apologizes for the cop, but Ashley reassures her daughter that she won't see him again. Ashley meets with Veronica at her home to discuss the situation with Wilden.

She questions him about getting the charges dropped. Hanna suggests working at the church, and Ashley considers it. Hanna exclaims that someone is doing this to her, before questioning whether Ashley understands that. Wilden warns Ashley about keeping Hanna quiet. Officer Wilden is clearly shocked and tells Ashley that he would never give that to Hanna because he could lose his job if that report got out.

Hanna asks why she would use a law firm so far away, and Ashley says Melissa Hastings interned there that summer. Smiling, Ashley says that she and Ted shared one the first day they met, to which Ted tells her that he was thinking that maybe they can share one tonight. Hanna doesn't want to talk about it, but Ashley says it isn't the first time Hanna said someone framed her, and wants to know who it is, asking for a name, but Hanna says there is no name. Hanna tells her that she knows she was in Rosewood the night Wilden was killed, and Ashley finally admits it. This secret is not exposed, only to Hanna she finds out after she comes home from the hospital and finds a large amount of money in a spaghetti box and Caleb.

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Ella is disgusted and tries to delete it, but Ashley urges her to keep it. She tells him that she's worried about Hanna, and Caleb says that Hanna's worried about her. Caleb visits Ashley in jail. Ashley thus calls his bluff, and the man leaves disappointed, never to be heard from again.

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Apologising, Jason says that Ashley should consider the kiss as a thank you for dinner. Having ended the call, Ashley asks Jason to not make her do that again, and Jason says that saying no is not as hard as taking the call. Isabel is confused, and Ashley tells her that next time, before she points fingers, interracial dating in france she should search her own family tree first for rotten fruits.

Are jenna anne and ashley dating zac

Hanna visits her mom at the bank and finds Lt. In her bedroom, Hanna is looking at the picture of Kate when Ashley comes in. However, Ashley notices other clues of Caleb's presence, such as the rapidly depleting groceries and the toilet seat left up. She says she has been temporarily restricted from accessing the safety deposit boxes.

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They tell each other that they miss each other and Ashley assures Hanna everything will be alright, then Hanna starts crying. He says that his dad and Wilden had bad blood between them and he was worried that his dad would look guilty if he had said anything. Soon, Ashley goes out to celebrate with Ted.

Douglas asks Jason whether Mrs Marin is in the courtroom today, and when Jason says that she is, Douglas asks Jason to point her out for the jury. Inside the bathroom, cosmo dating tips for guys Ashley is standing at the sink while the bath fills with water. Surface Tension Ashley welcomes Emily into her home and does her best to make her feel comfortable. Ashley is seen talking with a police office outside of the house.

When Hanna learns that Caleb had been set up by Jenna to get close to her, Caleb makes a decision to leave Rosewood for Arizona. Hot French Maid Jenna Haze fucking a huge cock. Tanner and Holbrook visit to question Ashley. Tanner across The Brew and goes to talk with her hoping to shift the focus of Wilden's murder from her mother to Melissa. Ashley informs her daughter about being banned from prom and graduation.

Are jenna anne and ashley dating madison. Having heard about my interest

Spencer and Hanna are listening from the stairs, and they realize that these are the N. Ashley assures her that Tom made it clear to Kate that if there was any problem between her and Hanna, there would be consequences. Ashley returns home and says her board meeting ran late and she left Hanna some Thai food in the kitchen. Down at the station she speaks with Darren about the matter. When asked by her father about the gun, Hanna says to him that he found the gun in Ashley's closet and she was just trying to protect her by trying to bury the gun.

Veronica asks why someone would do that. Eye of the Beholder Hanna argues with her mom about getting a replacement phone. She found the stolen police report amongst Hanna's things and wants to know where it came from. Hanna informs her that Lucas called his parents earlier.

The attraction grows, while Tom deals with problems in his relationship with Isabel. Ashley admits to taking Tom's gun, asian dating but adamantly insists she did not bring a gun into her house. Ashley tells Hanna that she wants to cancel a seminar in New York related to a potential promotion.

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