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When Artie comes in the room, he's still angry at the three of them for leaving him out. Later Rachel, along with Finn, talks with his parents to let Sam returns to Lima. During the shooting, when Sam is desperately trying to get to Brittany and is forced to sit down, Blaine tells him that Tina is missing too. He asks Mercedes to be his date for Sugar Motta's party and gives her a small statue of one of the Three Wise Men, that he painted to look like St. They then share tell the rest of the crew about their adventure, and Blaine gives the club an apology for doubting them as a family.

  1. Until the casting director gets a good look at Sam and Blaine.
  2. Sam is seen again in the choir room when Mercedes sings I'll Stand by You in front of the club.
  3. He watches Rachel's opening night and enjoys her performance.

Blaine-Sam Relationship

Sam also tells him he's moving out, since he got a room in an apartment with a bunch of other models. Sam is later asked by Blaine, along with Ryder and Jake, to help him with a performance for Tina because Blaine was concerned about Tina's behavior after her break-ups. Sam sits with Brittany in the church. Blaine and Sam during the performance of The Fox.

Mercedes describes their time as fun, and that's what Sam thought but that it doesn't change the fact that she is dating Shane. In the final season, Sam is the assistant coach of the football team along with helping out with the Glee club. It is also unknown why Sam and Mercedes have opted to keep their relationship a secret from the glee club.

However his perfect life gets turned upside down when his best friend returns from New York heartbroken and confused. While Coach Beiste is not willing to do it, Sam is okay with it. Blaine-Cooper Relationship. Ryder-Marley Relationship.

While he is singing, Sam dreams about him and Penny dancing in the Auditorium and then she leaves when the song ends. Fire and Rain Artie The Quarterback. When Sam asks if they now can be truly together, dating site indiana Mercedes declines. The episode opens with a conversation between Sam and Will. Sam is later pulled out of the musical and replaced by Will.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Blaine Anderson/Sam Evans - Works
Blaine Anderson

At first, Sam tells them he loves her. Sam tells her he loves her, but he's also a year old. He is seen joining New Directions during Closer. When Brittany arrives, he's excited to see her.

They later agree on organizing an overnight lock-in, though. Sam agrees with her and tells her she should talk to Sue about it. Sam then says the script doesn't make sense at all.

After Emma convinces Will to let new people have solos, he lets the winners of the Duets competition, Sam and Quinn, take the ballad. He is seen on stage a few minutes after, joining to the performance along with some of his classmates. Blaine tells Sam that he doesn't believe him and that he needs more proof.

Schue tells them Glee Club is officially over. After Quinn leaves, dating cougars advice Sam jumps happily. They are shown to be on good terms in Season Five. Pillsbury's office where Sam and Mercedes talk about their relationship after their kiss and Ms.

And what does that mean when his only job is to keep Blaine safe? Unfortunately, by the time he arrives, Blaine and Karofsky are already a couple, and there is further strain between Kurt and Blaine as coaches of rival show choirs. Sam refuses, telling him that New York is too fast for him, and doesn't know which sport team to root for, Blaine unconsciously saying to root for the one who's winning.

Glee sam and santana dating

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Puck makes fun of his dancing and Sam is held back when he tries to charge at Puck again. He says he's a new friend for her. Shelby-Rachel Relationship. At some point, the women catch up with them, before they go on to form the greatest all-male performance group you've ever seen. He tells her it means so much to him that she's even considering it, and that his love for her is very real.

Jesse-Rachel Relationship. Kitty-Brittany Relationship. Blaine assures that he is just trying to help Sam and be a friend. Sam is cast in the role of Rocky in the Rocky Horror Show.

Trusting a Rumour a glee fanfic
  • Mercedes accepts and the two are seen dancing together for the remainder of the night.
  • Finn-Brittany Relationship.
  • However, when Tina reveals that she isn't going to New York because she got accepted to Brown University, both show their support for her.
  • Dave-Santana Relationship.

While auditioning, Sam sings Girls on Film. When Sam gets home to Mercedes that night, he feels very guilty and immediately comes clean. They try to convince her that she doesn't need a university to go to New York, by singing an acoustic version of Loser Like Me together.

In the first script for Rachel's pilot, it is revealed that his character is called Jam. He's in the auditorium, with the rest of the old and present New Directions, listening to I Am Changing. Kurt meanwhile is infuriated by what he deems to be Finn's homophobia, but after talking to his father, best bay area hook realizes that it might not be fair to Sam.

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On the surface, Kurt Hummel has the perfect life. When Tina hits hear head after falling into a fountain and comes out to everyone being switched, Sam is Rory. When he explains about the kiss, Mercedes asks what happened next, and he tells her he started crying while the photographer kept taking pictures.

Blaine-Kurt Relationship

Time After Time Rachel Transitioning. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Something Stupid Brittany Swan Song. The four of them perform Hold On in the auditorium. Finn says that they need Sam back, dating nightmare stories so he and Rachel travel to Kentucky where the Evans family now live.

Brittany-Blaine Relationship. Santana-Rachel Relationship. They are both excited to see Brittany back. However, Sam misinterprets that, thinking Blaine is jealous of his physique. She doesn't want to waste any more time being with Sam, and attempts to kiss him.

Blaine-Sam Relationship

Blaine graduates as class valedictorian, and then moves to New York to be with Kurt. Blaine stands next to Will as Sam introduces the week's lesson. Meanwhile, Sam feels that Blaine motivated him to get his hair cut and start fresh in New York. Along the way he begins dating Mercedes Jones once again. In an all glee girls meeting, Quinn says that Sam and her are not officially dating.

Blaine-Sam Relationship

The three of them share a hug, and Beiste tells them she loves them. Blaine reassures him that he can relax, because everyone would love him the same no matter what. Both Blaine and Sam are concerned about Marley.

Blaine Anderson

Everyone, including Sam, is also seen helping Rachel move the pictures to a photo album. He did it knowing that she would follow it, since she told him that she forgets breakfast on Tuesdays because the first few days of a week confuse her. When Sam sees his first half naked picture on a bus, he's very excited and Blaine is happy for him. However, they do agree to break up for now. Rachel, stunned, asks Sam about that but Sam insists he is totally okay with it.

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